Employees appreciate Personal Annual Reports

100% positive survey response.

A long-time Insight client surveyed their employees, and received a 100% positive response to their total rewards statements. Following is a sampling of write-in responses.

“I had considered another job opportunity last year. When I reviewed my Total Rewards statement, I recognized that their offer wasn’t as good when considering all aspects of compensation and culture.”

“As an employee I value the information provided to me through this report, and I appreciate the organization’s efforts to keep me informed of my total benefit package. It is important to me to view the ‘big picture’ with regards to my current benefits so as to plan for the future. My family’s financial security is very important to me. Thanks again!”

“I like getting this report yearly as it shows compensation in a format we don’t see when thinking about what we get as benefits. Thanks.”

“It is great to know where you stand, and having the option of seeing it in writing. THANK YOU!!”

“I show my report of Total Compensation to my husband who is always complaining about my salary. The report usually gives me about a week of silence on the subject of salary. In other words, I appreciate the report.”

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