Why provide Personal Annual Reports?

You have a total rewards story to tell!

Why might employees choose to work for your company? Why should they decide to stay? The most obvious reward of employment is pay—but that’s just the beginning. Your company may offer healthcare, paid time off and retirement benefits. Perhaps you have programs like flexible schedules, wellness, training, recognition and career advancement. And your company’s unique culture offers rewards of its own.

Show your employees the big picture.

They don’t need another generic benefit brochure. They certainly don’t need one more website. A simple listing of the cost of benefits can be informative, but it’s dry and uninspiring. They need the big picture! Let us show your employees the complete story of everything they receive. Insight’s Personal Annual Reports bring all of your company’s rewards together into a concise and personalized report. Our easy-to-read print and PDF formats present a cohesive message with vibrant graphics and a positive perspective.

Personal = Interesting

Our Personal Annual Reports speak directly to employees. Personalization cuts through the clutter and grabs attention with information that is relevant, useful, and intrinsically interesting. Your employees have the chance to see the full value of their total rewards package. Our reports create a positive connection that conveys your company’s commitment to employees’ well-being.

The results:

  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Improved loyalty and retention
  • Greater appreciation of the value of benefits
  • Enhanced understanding and utilization of benefits
  • Decreased pressure for higher wages
  • Increased participation in voluntary plans
  • Enhanced Company reputation as an Employer of Choice

Why should you choose Insight for this important project?